Tum-tum mango
the flavour that gives you rhythm

the new flavour

The sound
of the party

Sing and dance to the rhythm of the great taste of the jungle with Bongo and the Jungle Friends.

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Um Bongo
100% Fruit
The great taste of the jungle
that is healthier and tastier.

Now Um Bongo has a new range of natural juices
made only using fruit. It has the same flavour
that kids love but is even healthier.

Other Flavours

along with
um bongo

With the Um Bongo app, you can join in with the song and Um Bongo with congas, bongos, drums and even djembes. Find out if you are the best percussionist in the jungle!


Join the party
with Bongo and
the other animals.

The great taste
of the jungle

Explore the flavours of the jungle